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Alumine - S/T EP

We want to thank, from the bottom of our hearts, these people that have always been absolutely loving and supportive in our journey to record and release this EP:

Vitor Viana/ Simona Morales/ Margarita Holmes/ Sam Parks/ Megan McClaugherty/ Meils Clifton/ Miles Domke/ Collin Davis/ Goth Jen/ All of our Moms/ All of our Dads/ Brett Micheal's/ Selene/ Dwayne/ Mogwai/ Arrow/ Marley/ Nübi / Whelmed Records

Charlie Fehrenbacher: There wouldn't be a world where alumine exists without your initial trust in my abilities to create music. There isn't a price to be set on the value of someone believing in your abilities, as not just a guitar player or a song writer, but as an artist. You've helped me start the journey that is in place before us today, first as Flowerhead and now as alumine. Thank you for your consistency in support, guidance and friendship. I love you very much and thank you for everything you've done and everything you will continue to do!

We feel that especially right now it's very important to acknowledge the people and things around you that inspire you and motivate you to continue to do what it is you know fills your heart with purpose and love. For those reasons we wanted to include a list of bands that constantly invigor our love and passion for creating art and for sustaining a community built on mutual respect, emotional support, consent, friendship, trust and unconditional love.

Our friends: Gutless, insignificant other, Rosemary Kennedy, winded., Zeta, Woolbright, Lando & the infinite sadness, Cooper!, Corriendo, Quimbly, and Kindergarden Cop.

Released: March 08th, 2017


  1. Value
  2. Lele
  3. Comenzamos
  4. Al Exterior (CW)