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Gauntly - Mire

During his final year at Berklee, Mateo Garcia sequestered himself to his basement to begin crafting and chipping away at a handful of songs. Adopting the moniker "Gauntly", he would later title this collection of music as Mire - "a stretch of swampy or boggy ground // a state or situation of difficulty, stress or embarrassment from which it is hard to extricate oneself".

“The record as a whole is very personal to me, every aspect of every song was a way of letting something out or immortalizing some sort of thought or feeling so that means a lot to me.” says Garcia. He later chimes in “It took way too long but probably long enough for me to actually to deal with all the stuff I was writing about anyways. Recording alone was also really fun cause I was like "sick, there's no one here to tell me this sounds stupid so I can totally track this one song with like a full minute of room noises in front."

Gauntly has chosen Animal Rescue League of Boston to be their partnered charity.

*For every physical album sale, Whelmed Records & Gauntly will donate 5% of the profit to Animal Rescue League of Boston.

*All Physical Purchases Include a Digital Download as well.
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01. Flesh - 02:17
02. Caustic - 04:10
03. Frond - 01:45
04. Hum - 02:21
05. Callow - 04:44
06. Jordan Rd - 02:00
07. Acid - 02:37
08. Blood - 05:28

Released: August 10th, 2016

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