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Tiny Kingdoms - Stay EP

Tiny Kingdoms settled down at Electrowerks Music Production during the winter of 2015 to work on their second EP.

"So a lot of 'Stay' is about struggling to find a place to belong to; whether that be through a job or significant other or whatever." says Singer/Guitarist Nico Miura. "All the space references are supposed to represent how colossal the universe is and all the possibilities it holds. All these incredible astral outcomes that are produced in it and how hard it is to STAY in that one place you currently reside."

Tiny Kingdoms has chosen Hope For The Day to be their partnered charity.

*For every physical album sale, Whelmed Records & Tiny Kingdoms will donate 5% of the profit to Hope For The Day.

*All Physical Purchases Include a Digital Download as well.
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01. ESFSYFSB - 04:35
02. Thieves - 03:51
03. Stay - 04:31
04. Allison - 03:55
05. Good Morning - 04:40

Released: February 23rd, 2016

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